Bp Allied Live - Partially Hosted

Freedom from the Office: Bp Allied Live Partially Hosted lets you work free of your office while still staying in touch with what is going on back at HQ through our Sync Service.

Work Offline or Online: If you visit locations where you have limited, flakey or no Internet access, but still want all the benefits Bp Allied brings you, then Partially Hosted is for you. Work Offline and your changes will be synchronised to our Servers and back to your Office and other Practice Users when you go online.  Work Online and your changes are Synchronised as they happen.

Freedom from worry: Your data is always safe with us.  Your database is backed up every 30 minutes, encrypted and sent offsite.  We keep 2 weeks of backups on hand at all times... thats 672 database backups always available! 

How does it work?

  • We set up a database dedicated to your Practice on our Servers.
  • We set up the V.P.N. (Virtual Private Network) connection on your Office computers and laptops that use Bp Allied.
  • When you start your computer and an Internet connection is detected, your computer will connect to the Bp Allied Server. You then use Bp Allied as if you were in your office with the Server 'next door'.
  • As you make changes, add Appointments, Client Notes etc, these changes are saved to your computer and then sent to the Bp Allied Servers.
  • When the other computers in your Practice synchronise with the Server, they will receive your changes.


What if I am somewhere that I can't get an internet connection, or the Internet connection goes down?
The Bp Allied application will detect that it cannot find the Bp Allied Server and will switch to working in 'Offline' mode. When you are in a position to connect to the Internet, any changes made whilst offline will then be synchronised with the server and other computers in your Practice.

What about the security of my data? 
Your data is transported via a VPN (Virtual Private Network), which is an encrypted connection across the Internet. Once at our servers, your data is held on a dedicated database. Databases are not shared between Practices.

Where are your servers located? 
We have dedicated servers in multiple Sydney locations. Our servers are monitored 24/7 - click here to view our uptime reports.

What if I already have Bp Allied? Can I switch to Bp Allied Live? 
Yes. If you already have a Bp Allied License, we can switch you over to Bp Allied Live. Please contact us for details.

Ok, so what's it going to cost me? 
To use Bp Allied Live, you need a Bp Allied License or a Desktop Subscription for each computer that connects to the our Bp Allied Live Servers. There also is a monthly fee for the Bp Allied Live service. This varies depending on the number of users.
Click here for Bp Allied License pricing 
Click here for Bp Allied Live Service Subscription pricing

Do I need to have Software Assurance if I use Bp Allied Live Partially Hosted?
Yes, however Software Assurance is included in your Bp Allied Live monthly subscription fee.