Video Tutorials

Bp Allied Video Tutorials are designed to make learning Bp Allied become an easy and enjoyable experience.  Each tutorial is generally a short video focused on a specific section of Bp Allied.  If you have any suggestions for a Video Tutorial please contact us.  Click the links under each heading to view a Video Tutorial.

Please note this page is currently a work in progress and new videos will be added over the coming weeks.

Appointment Book
Time Ruler Settings 0:48   Adding a New Client 0:52
Notes & Pop Messages 1:05   Add a Document to a Client Record 1:27
Changing Appointments 1:11      
Print a Daily Appointment List 0:56      
  Data Maintenance
Adding a New User 1:04   Adding a Snippet 1:17
Adding a Practice Location 1:09   Adding a Product or Service 1:55
      Adding a Meeting Type 1:10
SMS & Email Reminder Settings 1:03   Create an Invoice from the Appointment Book 1:20
Email Settings 1:27      
Sending Emails with Attachments 0:37      
Managing Letter Templates 2:00      
Customising Bp Allied   Miscellaneous
Adding Fields     Checking for Updates 1:18
Adding Tabs        
Removing Fields 0:50      
Removing Tabs 0:24