Multiple Users - Single Location


Bp Allied is a Practice Management System suitable for 1 to 30 users.

Major Features:

  • Appointment Book - Set appointments quickly with our comprehensive, easy-to-use scheduling system.
  • Appointment Reminders - Integrated SMS and Email appointment reminders.
  • Client Notes - Keep comprehensive consultation notes as well as an in-depth hitory for each Client.
  • Customisable - You have specific data gathering requirements? No problem - Bp Allied has over 500 customisable fields.  You can add your own text boxes, Client Notes tabs and name them whatever you want.  All these fields can then be merged into your Letters.
  • Letters - Use personalised templates to merge information from your Client Notes directly into Letters to Referrers and other Health Professionals.
  • Invoices - one-click Invoicing creates Invoices straight from the Appointment Book.
  • Offline capability - you have Practitioners that work off-site or wish to be able to access their Client notes from home? No problem. Bp Allied can sync with your Office Database before they leave and again on their return.
  • and much, much more!

Download your Free 30 Day Trial now OR contact us and we will install your Trial for you free of charge via our Remote Support Service.

Configuration Options:

For the Practice that has multiple users all working out of the same location, there are multiple configuration options depending on your requirements.

  1. All users run Bp Allied on their computer and connect to a Central database. This can be a dedicated Server computer or in many cases the Reception computer - please refer to System Requirements before purchasing or Contact Us to discuss the suitability of your designated Server.  Under this scenario, some users can choose to sync to the Central database, thereby allowing them to work offline when out of the Office.

    Multiple Users in a Single Location
  2. All users use Bp Allied on a Server via a Remote Desktop Connection. Please contact us for assistance in ensuring your Server has sufficient resources before purchasing (Memory, Hard Disk Space etc) Note: using Remote Desktop Services requires the purchase of Remote Desktop Client Licenses from Microsoft.
  3. Bp Allied Hosted by us.  See Bp Allied Live for details.

Additional Options:

Bp Allied Live Backup Service (TBA)