Bp Allied is designed for either the Individual Practitioner or Multi User Practice; take control of your appointments, client notes, reminders and transactions with the one program.


  • Single or Multi User set up
  • Fully featured Appointment Book with Google Calendar and Outlook Sync.
  • Keep comprehensive Client Consultation Notes as well as in depth history for each individual Client.
  • Integrated SMS and Email Reminders with automated functionality avialable.
  • Create personalised Letter Templates for sending to doctors.
  • Invoicing and Payment functionality with detailed financial reporting.
  • ....and much more, click here to download a Free 30 Day trial.

Appointment Book Create a Template Customising Fields Reminders and Messages Reminders and Messages

  • Use Bp Allied to achieve a more efficient organisation through a coordinated practice management system.
  • Reduce “No Show” appointments with client SMS and Email appointment reminders.
  • With Bp Allied you can empower your staff - your workforce will become more involved, satisfied and effective with Bp Allied Practice Management System.
  • One view of everyone's Appointments and activities, linked to Clients allows you to better manage internal and external communications.
  • Configure Bp Allied to best suit your style and method of working. Configurable Client Consultation screens allow you to define the information you record and the order in which you do it.
  • Use Bp Allied on one PC or Laptop by one practitioner. Take Bp Allied with you to different locations (Laptop Users).


There are many different possible configuration options including offline capability, fully or partially hosted options and more.  See "Multiple Users - Single Location" and "Multiple Users - Multiple Locations" for more information. 

All Bp Allied Licenses come with 6 months of our Bp Allied Software Assurance. Bp Allied Software Assurance entitles you to unlimited email, phone and remote support as well as all upgrades to the program.

Looking for an online or hosted solution?  Perhaps you have some users that work offsite (out of office), but need to be connected back to your office to gather new/changed appointments. Check out Bp Allied Live, or call us to discuss your needs.

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