Data Conversion and Importing

Import your own Client List

From the release of Version 4, you can import your Client list yourself from within Bp Allied.  Simply download our Template file, copy your data in to it and import from the System Toolbar > Client Import button.

We can do it for you - Converting and Importing Data into Bp Allied

We are happy to help you get your existing database moved into Bp Allied.  To do so, we need to understand what information is currently kept in your existing database so that we can map it to the correct locations in the Bp Allied database.

Because there are so many different sources of data out there, we don't have a built in import function.  Some Practitioners keep their data in an Access database, some keep it in Excel spreadsheets, some in Outlook and some in Word documents.  We have found it easier for both the Practitioners and ourselves to offer a service to undertake this task.

The details are as follows:

Basic Data
All personal details, ie Names, Address, Phone Numbers, Date of Birth etc (Excluding Appointments)


Basic Data + Past Appointments
All personal details, Address, Phone Numbers, Date of Birth + Past Appointment details


Basic Data + Past Appointments + Financial Transaction Records
All personal details, Address, Phone Numbers, Date of Birth + Past Appointment details + Financial Transaction records.

Data Inspection

Before committing to undertake the importation, we need to inspect the data first to determine whether it is in fact suitable for importation.

In some cases we will come back to you with a report explaining what data needs to be cleaned up before it can be imported.  For example if the Date of Birth is in various formats within the one database, eg 12-Mar-1964 and 12/3/64 and 1964-03-12. This sort of situation makes it impossible to import without getting the information in a consistent state.

We will also report back to you with any information that cannot be imported into a suitable field and discuss the options with you before proceeding.  Bp Allied is quite flexible in that regard and we can rename fields to suit your needs.

We can also arrange to undertake the importation at a time that suits you e.g. we can do it on the weekend for you so that you can have a clean change-over.

Privacy - If you require it, we will sign any non-disclosure document or privacy requirements document you need before looking at the data.

Bp Allied keeps your data on its secure server only for the period of time required to transfer the data and for you to verify that you are happy with the result.  At that time, any data on our server is then destroyed.

For further information or to start the process of importing your data into Bp Allied please email us at