Tracking Appointment Quantity (this calendar year)

This Uservoice request gathered a large amount of support in a short time.  In summary, our customers wanted to be able to see how many Appointments a Client had attended in the current calendar year.

From version this information will be visible in 3 places:

1) In the Appointment Edit screen:

Appointment Quantity this year

2) In the Client Details screen:

Appointments this year Client Details

If you cannot see the field, please select the 'Customise' button while in the Client Details section - from the Customisation screen you can drag the new field into your Layout.

3) In the Full Client List report:

Appointments This Year Report

If you cannot see the "Appt This Year" column, please right-click any column heading and choose the 'Column Chooser' option from the popup menu. From the customisation screen you can drag the 'Appt This Yar' column into your report.