New "Add Client" Screen - including "Add Referrer/Referral"

This is the first in a series of posts regarding the new features to be included in myPractice in June '12 (version

The 'Add new Client' screen was always designed to be a quick way to add the minimum amount of information requried to allow a User to setup an Appointment.  It collected the Name, and basic contact information (phone number, email address) and that was about it.

Two recent suggestions on our Uservoice Suggestions Site (this and this) caused us to look into the information being gathered and how we could improve the process.

Coming up in, the new 'Add New Client' screen now looks like this:

Add New Client Image

Gender, Address, Marital Status and Referral are added by default.  

More fields can be displayed on the screen by selecting the 'Customize Layout' button and dragging in fields such as Preferred Payment Type, Title, Occupation, Ethnicity and Health Fund.  You can also re-order the fields to display them in your preferred sequence. The layout changes are saved when you close the Customisation Screen.


Add a Referral by clicking the "+" button on the right hand side of the Referral box and you are presented with this screen:

Add New Referral

This allows you to enter the basic information required to record your Referral when creating an Appointment or adding a Client.  An existing Referrer can be selected from the dropdown, or you can add the name and Provider Number of a new Referrer.