Customise the Client ID

In version 3.5 we introduced a 'Friendly' Client ID field.  This was added due to our need to generate a unique id in a certain manner when exporting data to the Better Outcomes in Mental Health Care (ATAPS) website.

We are extending the functionality of this ID in this and future versions of myPractice.  Now, users can define the format that they want the ID to appear in.

Users can define a prefix, and/or a suffix, with an incrementing number inserted wherever the placeholder is positioned.

In the example below we have defined a prefix of "2012_" and a suffix of "_MP".  Our incrementing ID number is set by entering the "{0}" placeholder in the middle.  We have set the length of the number to 4 digits and the last number used as "38".

The only restriction is that the total length of the generated ID field must be no longer than 20 characters.

eg: "MyReallyLongPracticeName_{0}" = bad   "MRLPN_{0}" = good.

When creating a new client in the system, the Client ID is generated based on the information entered in the Options screen.

In version 4, later this year, the Client ID will be searchable.