NZDA conference - Napier NZ - Prelude

Well, here we are in Napier in the early hours of the morning, gearing ourselves up for the New Zealand Dietetic Association Conference starting later today.

NOD32 and Installer problems

Yesterday we had an interesting problem at one of our Customer sites that involved updating to the new myPractice version released today.

myPractice Release Notes - Version 2.21.7

New functionality/Changes/Fixes in Release (since 2.21.3)

Letter Editor

Added 'AppointmentDayDate' to the available Letter editor Merge Fields eg "Monday 01/06/2009"
Added call to the Windows Print Dialog when the user clicks 'Print' (allows user to select printer)

Appointment Summary Report

Added radio button filter to allow user to show 'All' appointments, Client 'Appointments' only, or 'Meetings' only. Default is 'All'

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