Sneak peek – Practice Wide Client Details Layout

One of the great features of myPractice is the ability to customise the Client History and Consultation areas to suit your particular needs.  You can add, remove and resize fields.. you can add tabs and rename existing tabs and fields to suit your data gathering needs.

Sneak peek – Scanning and “Quick Tasks”

Here’s a very short video (no sound) on a couple of the upcoming features in the next release of myPractice.

Scanning support – We’ll be including support for all Windows based scanners.  You will be able to scan documents directly from myPractice into the Client record.

NZDA Conference - Day 3 - Conclusion

Day 3 of both the 3-day conferences we have been to in the last month have been very quiet.  It seems that by Day 3 the delegates are thinking of winding down and going home.

NZDA Conference – Day 2 – The Mobile Worker

We had a great day today. Met lots of interesting people in the Dietetics field from across NZ and a couple from Australia. It's always interesting to find out how people work... by that I mean that the 'old' days of having a single office location where you sat for 40hrs a week and people came to you, rarely exists now.

NZDA Conference - Day 1 - Gratification

First day of the NZDA Conference here in Napier and we were greeted with the most beautiful of Spring days.

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