Email with Multiple Attachments

One of the most requested enhancements of the last few months has been for us to add the ability to send a Letter as an email with multiple attachments.

Email Invoices directly from the Invoice Creation screen

In the June 2012 update we have added the ability to send Invoices via email directly from the Invoice screen.

If the Client has an email address defined, the 'Send to Client' checkbox will be enabled and checked by default. You can add additional Recipients to the email and additional attachments if required.  A message body can also be added to complete the email.

Once sent, the email is automatically saved the Client record. 

Check out the quick video below to see it in action.

New "Add Client" Screen - including "Add Referrer/Referral"

This is the first in a series of posts regarding the new features to be included in myPractice in June '12 (version

Switching from a PC to a Mac?

Over the past 12 months we have seen a large increase in the number of our customers that are purchasing Mac computers. Many customers are taking advantage of our "myPractice Live Hosted" service, using a "Remote Desktop Connection" to access our servers, whilst others have opted to install "Parallels" and run myPractice in a Virtual Environment within the Mac Operating System.

We have also seen a corresponding growth in the volume of support calls regarding issues that have nothing to do with myPractice, but are due to the user not understanding the differences between the Mac operating system and Windows, and not being able to cope with the change. We have observed that it can be extremely challenging for users to switch from Windows to Mac... particularly when a PC operating system is all they have ever known. We have had people close to tears on the phone because they simply can't find their way around their new Mac.

Can't we all just get along?

We are here when users need us, to assist with training and issues directly related to myPractice, but we are not and cannot be operating system troubleshooters or trainers that show users how to navigate the basic functions of a computer (whether that be a PC or a Mac). If you need help and training in the use and management of your computer, we recommend consulting your local Yellow Pages, or Google to find someone who supports and trains people in computer usage.

A good starting point would be the Apple website which has a series of tutorials on switching, and searching Google for "switching from a pc to a mac" brings you back 1000's of pages that have guides, or details of peoples experiences.

To summarise - if you are considering switching from a PC to a Mac, please consider all the ramifications and make sure that the Mac will in fact enhance your work process and not throw a huge obstacle into the middle of it.

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