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Undermining of internet security protocols threatens us all

"'s naive to imagine that if you introduce a weakness into a system, you will be the only one to use it." 

NEHTA and progress towards the PCEHR - October 2011

Compliance and integration with the PCEHR has been a question raised by many of our current and potential customers in the past 12 months due to the large amount of press coverage being afforded to

NZDA Conference - Day 3 - Conclusion

Day 3 of both the 3-day conferences we have been to in the last month have been very quiet.  It seems that by Day 3 the delegates are thinking of winding down and going home.

NZDA Conference – Day 2 – The Mobile Worker

We had a great day today. Met lots of interesting people in the Dietetics field from across NZ and a couple from Australia. It's always interesting to find out how people work... by that I mean that the 'old' days of having a single office location where you sat for 40hrs a week and people came to you, rarely exists now.

NZDA Conference - Day 1 - Gratification

First day of the NZDA Conference here in Napier and we were greeted with the most beautiful of Spring days.

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