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Download your FREE, unrestricted 30 day trial version of Bp Allied below.

We offer FREE installation assistance and email, phone and/or remote support for all our Trial users.

NB: Once you begin the installation you will be asked to select which Module (Dietitian, Psychologist etc) you wish to install.




EXE - 60 to 150MB (Depending on Requirements*)
Trial License - Version 6.0
Updated  September 2018 - What's New

Please ensure that all Windows updates have been applied prior to installing Bp Allied.

Minimum System Requirements: Please review our requirements here.

*The Bp Allied Installer is a 'smart' installer that will only download and install the components required.


Previous Versions - Client Installer

If your practice is not running the current version of BpAllied, then please find the latest installer of the previous version below. All versions of the software prior to version 5 were known as myPractice.

Bp Allied (Version 5 SP2)

myPractice (Version 4.6)

Please contact BpAllied Support for any installers previous to this.


User Manual / Help Documentation 

Help documentation is available online at or you can click link below:

BpAllied User Manual HTML (version 6)

BpAllied User Manual HTML (version 5)

BpAllied User Manual HTML (version 4)


Bp Allied Server Installer
(NB: Not required unless you are setting up a separate computer as a Server)

The Bp Allied Server can be installed on a separate computer, without installing the Bp Allied Client Application.  Should you wish to install the Server on a separate computer, please download and run the following installer.

Bp Allied Network Server (Version 6.0) - compatible with the client installer 6.0

Bp Allied Network Server (Version 5.0) - compatible with client installer 5.0

Bp Allied Network Server (Version 2013-02-15) - compatible with client installer 4.6


Bp Allied Scheduler

The Bp Allied Scheduler can be installed on 1 computer in a Practice and manages the sending and receiving of SMS Reminders, the sending of Email reminders and the sending of Daily Task Management reports for Users.  

The Scheduler can be installed on any computer running Windows 7 SP2, 8, 8.1, 10 or Windows 2012, 2016.  That computer can be, but does not have to be running Bp Allied or Bp Allied Server, but it must be able to connect to the Network Database on another computer. 

Bp Allied Scheduler for Version 6 of Bp Allied

Scheduler Help Topics:

Bp Allied Scheduler for myPractice V4 and Bp Allied V5 (2018-03-13) 

Scheduler Help Topics: