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Manipulation’s great for some things – but you’d probably much rather do it to joints than software.

Often you’ll download practice management software and have to spend hours tweaking and tailoring it before you can add your first client to the system.  But we’ve designed Bp Allied with the help of a leading Australian chiropractor, and it comes with everything you need to efficiently run your chiropractic practice. 

After you’ve downloaded the software, you can configure it however you like – use it as it is, or add any other handy fields or tabs you want.

Work just got easier.

Free 30-day Trial

Discover how easy it is to run your practice, and download your FREE, unrestricted, 30-day trial version of Bp Allied.


For a whole month, you’ll get the full version of Bp Allied, including installation assistance and all the phone, email, and remote support you need. Get started now, and take the hassle out of managing your practice today.

So what do you get?

Bp Allied is a full practice management system in an easy-to-use package. Bp Allied is suitable for either a single practitioner, or a multi-user practice. There’s no more exporting data from one program to another, it’s all there in Bp Allied. Let’s start with the basics:


Integrated appointment book – manage all your consultations and meetings from one calendar inside Bp Allied. And once your calendar starts getting a bit full, just ask it to find you a window for as long as you need.

Client consultation history – keep all your clients’ records at your fingertips so it’s easy to refer to them when you need to. 

Letters – save time on writing letters and reports to other specialists and GPs. Set up all your templates in Bp Allied, then just fill in the blanks. 

SMS and email reminders – no-shows waste your time, cost your business money, and interfere with your clients’ treatment plans. Use Bp Allied to send reminders via email and SMS, and keep those appointments.

Invoicing and payments – keep on top of your incoming and outgoing payments. Send your invoices straight from your Bp Allied appointment book and make sure that cash keeps flowing.

Multiple work locations – need to work offsite, or have staff that work remotely? With remote access, you can run your business and keep track of your clients from anywhere.

Create personalised templates – save yourself time by creating your own templates for whatever you want. Eventually you’ll never have to write another letter or report from scratch!

Just for chiropractors

In addition to the standard fields and tabs that Bp Allied comes with, there are also special fields for chiropractors, including information on a patient’s core stability exercises, McKenzie exercises, trigger points, and cranial nerves  .  You can fully customise all fields and templates in Bp Allied by renaming them, removing them, or adding your own. It’s all up to you!



Patient information

Here’s what you’ll find in your initial install of Bp Allied. But remember, this is just a starting point – you can add whatever additional information you need.


Chief Complaint

Chief Complaint Description

MOI - Insidious


Character - Sharp/Dull


Frequency Pattern





Previous Occurrences

Previous Treatment

Previous Imaging

Previous Chiropractor

Other Complaints

Secondary Complaint

Secondary Complaint Description

Remaining fields are as above in Chief Complaint

 Consultation Details

Improvement (%)

Progress Notes

Soft Tissue (ART, Graston, Cross Friction)

Soft Tissue Notes


Acupuncture Notes

Other Notes

Core Stability Exercises

McKenzie Exercises

Shoulder Rehab Exercises


 Detailed Consult 1

Reflexes (Left and Right)

Upper Limb (Light Touch, Sharp/Dull, Vibration, Motor)

Other Neurological (Rhomberg's, Clonus)

Lower Limb (Light Touch, Sharp/Dull, Vibration, Motor, Heel Stand, Toe Stand)

Cranial Nerves



Trigger Points

Detailed Consult 2

L/Spine- Pelvis (Left & Right)

Shoulder (Left & Right)

Knee (Left & Right)

Detailed Consult 3

Leg Lengths/Scoliosis


C/Spine (Left & Right)

Palpation for Pain (Left & Right)



Free 30 Day Trial

Download your FREE, unrestricted 30 day trial version of Bp Allied below.

We offer FREE installation assistance and email, phone and/or remote support for all our Trial users.

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Below are a few screenshots of the area's that specifically relate to Bp Allied Chiropractor. Click each thumbnail to view a larger image.










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