myPractice Desktop Subscriptions

One of the things that we often hear from our customers is that the 'up-front' cost of purchasing licenses for their preferred Patient Management System is prohibitive and that they would rather pay a monthly fee - something that fits better with their business and its cash-flow.

In the past 3 years we have had our Hosted option which has attracted hundreds of users and continues to thrive, however there are a large number of practices that prefer to keep their data and their system in-house, running on their own systems.  The reasons for this include:

  • Slow, poor or unreliable internet connectivity.
  • A need to be mobile and sometimes without internet connectivity.
  • A desire to keep patient data on their own computers rather than on hosted systems.

In response to this demand, we're excited to announce the immediate availability of myPractice Desktop Subscriptions.

Desktop Subscriptions

  • allow you to run myPractice on your own computers without paying a up-front license fees.
  • are all-inclusive - include all upgrades and support for the life of your subscription.
  • have no minimum term. You can start, pause or stop your subscription at any time.

The Desktop Subscription option allows you to install and run myPractice on your local computer for a monthly fee.  Now you have 4 options when looking to purchase myPractice for your Practice.

  • Desktop Subscriptions - (pay-by-the-month all-inlcusive)
  • Hosted Subscriptions - (pay-by-the-month all-inclusive)
  • Desktop License Purchase - (single payment purchase - then Software Assurance yearly for Support & Upgrades)
  • 4mth Desktop License Purchase - (4 monthly payments - then Software Assurance yearly for Support & Upgrades)


What does a subscription cost?  See here for pricing details.

Do I need to pay extra for Support or Upgrades?  No. Your myPractice Subscription is all-inclusive.

Am I locked in to a contract? No.  You can cancel at any time.

Can I have some users using the Desktop option on their computer, and some users using the Hosted option? Yes. Contact us to talk about our Sync options.

Can users running a Mac use this?  Yes - however this requires myPractice to be installed on a Windows installation via Parallels. (Parallels and a Windows license are not provided by myPractice) N.B Mac users can use our Hosted Subscription option without Windows or Parallels)

How do I get started?  Download and install the latest trial, and when you are ready purchase a Subscription from our website.  We will send you an Activation Key and each month when your subscription is renewed, myPractice will automatically check and update itself with your subscription details.

If you have further questions, please contact us.