Practice Management Software

Bespoke functionality

off-the-peg price

You've built a practice with its own unique personality that suits your patients and the way you care for them.

Bp Allied has a program with the flexibility to manage your practice as if the software was written for no-one but you. But as affordable as if you bought it off the shelf.

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Why Health Professionals Choose Bp Allied

Over more than 10 years many Australiasian Allied Health professionals have chosen Bp Allied for its easy to use, flexible functionality under the name of myPractice.  Joining the Best Practice family Bp Allied is now backed by the support and development resources of Australia's number one name in Medical Software. (More health professionals use clinical and management programs from Best Practice than any other medical software.)

Whatever role you have in thriving Allied Health Practice, if you're seeking affordable, customisable managment software, rely on Bp Allied!

Easy appointment management

Make, change or cancel appointments, and reduce those costly no-shows by setting SMS or Email reminders in the calendar.

All your information in one place

Your calendar, client notes, and financial details are all kept together. Now you don't need to learn to run several programs to run your practice - or pay for them, either.

Customise and personalise

Every profession needs different features. Just choose your practice type from our eight modules and you'll find everything you need, from templates for particular letters to specific fields in client notes. And from there you can finetune Bp Allied even more, so it works just how you want it to.

Get support when you need it

Need help? Don't be afraid to ask for it. With our Phone, Email and Remote Support services, you can solve any software problems quickly and get straight back to work.

Grows as your practice does

When word gets out about you and you need to add more staff, we'll be there with you. Start with a single Bp Allied license and add more licenses as your business grows.

So what do you do?

I'm a...
And I work...